Eastern System

Welcome to Virginia American Water’s Eastern District Page

Virginia American Water's Eastern District comprises 18 separate water systems serving over 2,600 customers across five counties on or near Virginia's Northern Neck.

Each system is unique; however, each has one or more of the following: groundwater well, pumping station, hydro pneumatic tank to regulate pressure, and depending on the size of the system, additional water storage tanks. Overall, the system has 33 active groundwater wells, 33 booster pump stations, 33 hydro pneumatic tanks and 21 larger water storage tanks. The source of water in the Eastern District is the Coastal Plain Aquifer.

Investing in the Your Water System

Since July 2009, we have made over $1.2 million in continued investment in your water system, replacing old pumps and motors, purchasing new electric generators (which have enabled us to maintain water service during hurricanes and other storms), replacing old pipes and equipment, and installing a new water storage tank. We continue to upgrade the Eastern District System even as we look for ways to control costs.

How Boaters Can Help Protect the Watershed

This poster provides some tips for boaters about ways to keep our waterways and water supply healthy.