With a history dating back to 1886, American Water is the largest and most geographically diverse U.S. publicly traded water and wastewater utility company.

American Water has built its business on the values of safety, trust, environmental leadership, teamwork and high performance. We work with communities to help provide solutions to water and wastewater challenges. Our company welcomes the chance to help developers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, vendors and municipalities solve their water and wastewater system operations, management, supply and delivery challenges. We’re committed to working with you to improve our communities and our nation's infrastructure.


There are many challenges facing water systems today: aging infrastructure, emerging Contaminants, and increasing threats and impacts from climate variability and natural disasters.


American Water is a solutions provider, delivering safe, clean, affordable and reliable services. We take our responsibility to provide life-sustaining services to our customers very seriously, Because our customers’ satisfaction is at the center of everything, we do.


American Water Resources (AWR) has helped customers protect themselves against unexpected repair costs with affordable protection for service line emergencies. We currently manage over 1.8 million service contracts — including water line, sewer line, in-home plumbing, and interior electric line — across the country for homeowners, utilities and municipal customers. AWR strives to provide hassle-free repairs, exceptional customer service, professional local contractors, and peace of mind.

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Jordan Mersky
Vice President of Business Development, Chief Mergers and Acquisitions Counsel

amwater_bus_dev_headshots_02 Jordan Mersky is Vice President of Business Development and Chief Mergers and Acquisitions Counsel for American Water. He is responsible for developing new lines of business and seeking out, evaluating and negotiating opportunities for American Water to grow its existing businesses.