Advisory Council


The American Water Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council functions as a recommending body and liaison to all functions of the business toward diversity, equity and inclusion. The Council will support, advise, empower and advocate efforts that will strengthen American Water’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Every American Water employee is respected for who they are as an individual and for our collective differences as a team. Members of the Council are volunteers who share an expert knowledge and/or passion for diversity initiatives and opportunities for inclusion throughout our workforce. This charter sets forth the authority, membership, and responsibilities for governance of this Advisory Council.

The specific purposes of the Council may include the following responsibilities:

  • Offer recommendations for project/initiative improvement
  • Assist project teams in setting priorities, including participating in ongoing planning activities of the initiative
  • Support and advocate diversity and inclusion initiatives by increasing their visibility
  • Promote knowledge, skill and practices toward diversity and inclusion
  • Provide a forum for consultation on diversity climate issues that may arise
  • Maintain an active line of communication with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT)