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American Water officially launched Wavelengths in January 2019 in order to connect with its communities in a way that is more engaging and in-demand for members of today’s society.

Episode 1 - What Lies Beneath: The Good, The Bad, and the Fascinating of our Water Infrastructure

In typical American Water fashion, Wavelengths was launched with one of the most talked-about topics in the industry: Infrastructure

Featured Hosts:
Linda Sullivan, chief financial officer, American Water
Gary Naumick, vice president of engineering, American Water

Episode 2 - A Deep Dive Into Water Quality

From safety to dependability, providing the best quality water is at the heart of what we do at American Water.

Featured Hosts:
Dr. Lauren Weinrich, Senior Scientist, Water Research & Development
Eric Hahn, Production Manager, New Jersey American Water, Delaware River Regional Water Treatment Plant

Episode 3 - A salute to military services.

We are sitting down with MSG's president Mark McDonough, MSG's director of capital and asset management Michael Raymo, and Dr. Sean Wheatley, regional director of operations and capital at American Water to talk everything from life on base and our commitment to hiring military talent and their spouses, to our 50-year utility privatization contracts and the steps for securing these important relationships.

Featured Hosts:
Mark McDonough, President, Military Services Group
Michael Raymo, Director of Capital and Asset Management, Military Services Group
Dr. Sean Wheatley, Regional Director of Operations and Capital

Episode 4 - What Not to Put Down Your Drain?

In our latest episode, we take a look inside your drain, discuss what common household items should not be flushed and how they can impact your water infrastructure and the environment.

Joseph Szafran, External Affairs Manager
Featured Guest:
Dr. Andrew Higgins, Engineering Practice Lead

Episode 5 - Committed To Our Communities

American Water believes in supporting and enhancing the communities where we live, work, and operate. In our latest episode, we focus on the American Water Charitable Foundation and take a look at their amazing efforts supporting our communities over the past few months.

Joseph Szafran, External Affairs Manager
Featured Guest:
Carrie Williams, President, American Water Charitable Foundation